Summary Report

Location: Wesley UMC Gathering Hall
Subject: Water Intrusion

Location photo #1: Interior of gathering hall; ceiling and wall section above 6’-0” x 8’-0” French door and column.

Infrared photo of location #1: Photo indicates moisture behind wainscot paneling and column above left hand side of French door unit. Dark blue, purple, and light blue colors indicate a cooler skin temperature and the presence of moisture.

Location photo #2: Ceiling line above French door, right side of tray ceiling, and crown moldings.

Infrared photo of location #2: Photo shows moisture coming in at second location. Dark blue, purple, light blue, and green colors are showing us the different degree of moisture behind the sheetrock, the darker the color the cooler the surface skin temperature. This allows us to track the areas with the higher concentration of moisture and locate the leak sources quicker.

Location photo #3: Lower left hand side of wainscot paneling and carpeting adjacent to French door.

Infrared photo of location #3: Photo illustrates moisture in lower portions of wainscot paneling and carpet underneath. Light purple shade indicates a cooler skin temperature and the presence of moisture in the wood trims and carpet. Dark blue color indicates a higher concentration of moisture present between carpet and the baseboard.

Location photo #4: Attic area above left hand side of French door; sill section of gothic window.

Infrared photo of location #4: Photo identifies moisture entering from under the sill of the gothic window. Moisture entering sill area is highlighted by the dark blue color; the lighter green color is the windowsill indicating it’s wet, moisture reading was 50% in the sill.

Location photo #5: Sill of gothic window has water stains and signs of decay.

Location photo #6: Photo taken at shed roof elevation above French door. Suspect area #2 capstone and wall flashing.

Location photo #7: Capstone and intersecting masonry wall:

Wall flashing is loosely installed on top of precast capstone and has not been properly installed into a reglet and sealed. Edge of flashing can be easily lifted; water is present underneath the copper flashing.

Note: Capstone slopes towards building allowing run off water to be trapped against failing copper flashing detail. Mortar joints between capstones are open and not sealed.