Our Promise

Trust, respect, morals, promptness, knowledge, communications, and documentation.

Key points that make for a good client/general contractor relationship Blue Chip Builders strives to do on every job:

1: Prompt response to customers/clients calls and addressing their needs.

2: Ease of communications. We have a given ability to explain our findings and to be understood by using laymen terms binding them with our experience of 46 years in the construction industry with 30 plus years being extensively involved in construction forensics where we’ve rooted out hundreds of defects at many different levels. We bring to the table a different perspective of understanding defects that many others over look.

3: Our knowledge of the in’s and out’s of construction products and their idiosyncrasies that other contractors do not understand or take the time too.

4: We take the time to make sure every facet is done at its best. We are on the job with each and every subcontractor making sure they are on the same page. WE run the job not our subs! And we are on the job everyday…

5: Trust is earned through our respect, Christian morals, dedication to our clients, commitment to our client’s needs, and our confidence in what we do. Our knowledge, experience, and ethics are attributes that helps build the trust that last a life time with all of our clients. We do what we say and we don’t play favorites when it comes down to doing it right. We have clients that have been with us for over 30 years and they still call us when the need arises.

6: Our ability to deliver a finished product in a timely manner and to keep on target.

7: Our forensic ability in partnership with technology and the team of experts at our finger tips give us the resources that qualify for a job well done.

8: Detailed reports, photo documentation, and spreadsheets for ease of seeing and understanding the job and what it will take. Our descriptions of each facet that makes up the job allows for clients ease to see the job for what it is, with detailed costs derived from subcontractor and vendors estimates and not just a bottom line number that comes from a estimator program.

9: Taking care of your home while you are there or away.

10: And lastly our ability to finish the job right the first time around, all the while keeping a clean job site at all times and focusing on your home until the job is done making you number one at all times.

This list is an inherent trait Peter Wigand and the employees of Blue Chip Builders carries and represent as our trademark on each and every job we’ve been involved with during our 30 plus years of being in business.

Peter Wigand of Blue Chip Builders is an excellent General Contractor.

Peter has a deep understanding of engineering, construction forensics, and repair/remediation. He brings a clear and well-reasoned approach to his projects. He was consistently responsive and flexible to our requests (which were many), even on short notice.

Peter was adept at concisely addressing complex issues that delved into the finer points of construction, and remediation/repair work (in our case: flashing, cladding, windows, doors, sealants, bricks, weather barriers, roofing, and how they all needed to be integrated). At the same time, he understood, better than most, how to craft and deliver effective written and straightforward verbal communications to us.

The workmanship Peter and his team of subcontractors delivered was of high caliber and fair value. His written reports, photo documentation, and cost schedules were well prepared and easy to follow. Peter and his team also maintained a clean work site.

I recommend Peter Wigand of Blue Chip Builders without reservation to anyone seeking a bright and pragmatic General Contractor with integrity.

– Brian C