Code Plus

We are the General Contractor that’s called in to correct and fix the short cuts others have left behind.

Blue Chip Builders has formed a reputation for quality “Code Plus” work and exceptional service employing quality contractors serving the Wilmington/Cape Fear region for over 30 years. “Code Plus” means that we don’t just work to meet the minimum building codes. We build the right way the first time, using the right materials and the right techniques. We focus on taking it a step further than the bare minimum of the code.

We do extensive Construction Forensics work, using cutting-edge equipment to identify the source of a problem and recommend the proper fix. We often collaborate with engineers, attorneys, and industry experts to provide depositions for the purposes of construction litigation.

Though we always try to minimize costs as much as possible for our clients, we only perform top-quality construction work that exceeds state building codes and provides a lasting product for our customers. We always do our best to control costs, but never by “cutting corners.” Our Code Plus reputation guarantees our jobs are done right the first time and the stresses of redo’s are not part of our ethics. As a result, we develop long-lasting relationships with clients who value quality over the minimum bill.

In choosing a contractor for new or renovation construction, two factors (beyond excellence in capability and craftsmanship, which go without saying), rise above all else. On these two, trustworthiness and diligence, Peter Wigand sets the standard. In projects ranging from six figure renovations, to minor repairs,

Peter has over many years and projects performed at the highest level for us. We contact no one else, when embarking on a project!

– Tim M.