South Facing Window

Photo #1: Window removed from second floor south facing gable; this window unit was earlier identified as a potential issue when inspected. Bottom sill section of this window was found to be rotten.

Photo #2: Close up of windowsill, rot has been manifesting over several years and this window unit cannot be reused.

Photo #3: Left hand side of window; window jamb shows water stains emanating from the head of the window that run down to the sill, all of the connecting fasteners used to assemble this window are badly rusted. Infrared identified a high concentration of moister on this side of the window during earlier assessments for water intrusion.

Photo #4: South facing second floor bedroom windows rough opening; head section of rough opening water stains can be seen on the house wrap, these stains indicate water has been entering the head of the windows rough opening. The water damage discovered at this location was from improperly installed and missing flashings, lintel flashings and window installation techniques. The greater part of the water intrusion and damage that came from the gable vent above this window could have been avoided if proper flashing and installation techniques were implemented during the original installation of the gable vent and windows on this home.