CMU Wall Wet Phosphorescence’s

1.  CMU wall wet phosphorescence’s is present from moisture drive. Accumulation of moisture in the soil can be seen at the base of foundation wall.

2.  Water can be seen pudding against the foundation walls after heavy rainstorms.

3.  Due to high concentrations of moisture and humidity elements in the crawlspace will start to mold if proper steps aren’t taken.

4.  Condensation on ductwork is another indicator humidity levels are to high.

5.  Improperly sealed floor penetrations as shown with this supply duct and diffuser not only allows crawlspace elements to enter into your home. Penetrations that are not properly sealed will allow condensation to form that will eventually produce mold and eventually rot. Not to mention the bugs that seem to thrive in this environment.

6.  Our crawlspace work is inspected by licensed industrial hygienists and remediated under their protocol. An all-clear inspection and testing is done on all of our crawlspaces giving the homeowner the confidence their crawlspace is clean without the daunting fear was it really taken care of???.

7.  Crawlspace after mold remediation, insulation replacement, and HVAC systems rework. Twenty mil reinforced polly vapor barrier is neatly applied to sidewalls of foundation and soil. Soil elevation has been graded to a capture point and sump-pump that evacuates captured moisture to the outside.

8.  All penetrations are sealed and draft stopped, mudsills and rim framing is caulked, twenty mil vapor barrier is sealed with two inch butyl tape and mechanically fastened reinforcing all top edges of the liner with PVC battens and nylon drive pins.

9.  All penetrations, including conduit, wire, plumbing, HVAC supplies and returns are sealed.

10.  Cost savings is a must in today’s market we pre-measure, map out and shop cut our materials limiting costly on site work. You can see we pre-fabricating pier wraps, shop fabrication allows for precision work that can be difficult in restricted crawlspaces, allowing for repetitive elements to be throughout our work.

11.  Pre-fabricated pier wraps, sidewalls, and ground cover are cut mapped out in order of their installation.

12.  Dehumidification is calculated and sized for every crawlspace. In some cases dehumidifiers are fitted with snorkels to allow for airflow to be circulated giving a better-balanced atmosphere through out the crawlspace.

13.  Snorkel tube redirects conditioned air to remote sides of the crawlspace allowing air to be circulated.

14.  We recommend the Santa Fe™ Crawlspace Alert system. It provides our clients with peace of mind monitoring conditions in their crawlspace 24 hours a day. Alert system can be integrated into home security system giving comfort knowing what’s happening when your away on vacation or at work.